Corona II - Our Lesson after Day 30

Dear Partners and friends,

As we compose the fifth “Corona Update” for you, in which we share the news of our company, we feel humbled and thankful for the opportunity that this crisis has given us to grow as leaders of our company Joya.

During the past weeks, we had time to re-evaluate and re-invent our business while re-prioritizing the meaning of work itself.

Using bullet-points, we would like to highlight how our company Joya has handled the effects of the ongoing Corona Crisis so far:

  1. From the very beginning, the safety of our employees worldwide had the highest priority. We defined for which tasks a physical presence was necessary and who could work from home

  2. We defined the key processes and the key personal in order that our business activities were secured and ensured.

  3. We communicated regularly and openly with our partners about our situation

  4. We acted quick to take necessary actions, cut unnecessary costs, spoke to partners with outstanding payment, re-evaluated investments, planned a worst case “Cashflow” Plan, refocused priorities

  5. We re-prioritize all external and internal projects, knowing our own strength

  6. We accepted the circumstances, stayed calm, clear and focused

Aside those essential decisions and transformations, we set specific goals and weekly milestones that gave us this utmost focus – let me share some of this week highlights:

1. A creative April Fool’s campaign in which we introduced a fictive cooperation with IKEA generated over 300’000 social media interactions that lead to additional B2C sales.

2. We tested successfully a Beta of the Exchange Platform (B2B) which will allow our partners to trade their slow-moving stock among each other.

3. We started to grind the old shoe lasts which we used for production, into flakes, to use them as a recycled base material for new shoe lasts.

4. We “invented” a unique affiliate system that will support our retail partners that do not have an E-Commerce business, to generate sales online during the Corona Shutdown. Our cloak and dagger operation will hopefully go online mid next week.

The Joya team is feeling well, very motivated most of the days, optimistic and supportive with our strategy. We know things will take time now but from the farmers we have learned that being patient, to work hard and to respect the seasons will lead eventually to a large harvest. Let us learn to embrace the storm.

We face interruptions in our own supply chain. It is currently difficult to source special materials such as YAK leather or waterproof membrane – Life taught us, to accept circumstances and always have a creative solution ready. (We invested all those years in a broad supply chain)

We face a bottleneck with one of our vendors in Vietnam who had to reduce his production capacity due to precautionary Corona measures.

On the other side, South Korea is managing very well due to their proactive measures and disciplined population – our three manufacturing partners continue to craft, making sure that we can deliver our products in time.

Despite all the uncertainty in the world, the mood for purchasing healthy shoes is returning as the weather warms up and we are very optimistic that things will come back faster than we might have thought.

I would like to share a testimonial we received this week from a young lady, who gives every reason to continue to strive, to push forward and give each moment our best!

"I am 27 years old and I was in a safari accident that paralyzed me from the waist down (L5-S1 disc tore through my sciatic nerve). Through advanced medicine, I can walk again. I work in healthcare and can only wear Joya shoes to get through my workday and it is my training programs for my back! I work as an audiologist and have several patients who have back issues whom I have connected to your products due to my success and pain-free life because of them. Thank you so much for saving my career and allowing me to enjoy walking into the long life I have ahead of me. With deepest respect, Alexa Patton"

Once again, i thank you for all the love you share for us and the our brand,

Claudio & Karl

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