My goals for 2019

Towards the end of each year I take time off to reflect on where I stand in Life. I write a letter that talks about my desires, my perspectives, my motivations, my struggles – my very point of view on Life itself in a broader perspective at this point of time.

I started sharing my very open thoughts with friends and family. I felt that this letter can be of support and guidance to other people as well that seek to for a higher motivation that just survive.

My reflection of 2018

I am thankful and i am satisfied with the progress of my 34 years. 2018 has, again, taught me so much! Persistence and an eye for optimism and clarity have allowed me to make wise decisions and helped me to deal with pressure in order to end this year very successfully.

Looking down at my shoes, the Joya business has challenged me to the edge of my physical and emotional boundaries this year. The radical decisions to partly reinvent our business model after 10 years and rearrange personnel that have lost focus of our vision, was a long fight- internally and externally. The courageous direction connected to the progressive learning curve has already shown clear results. My team and I are certain that 2019 will be the year that will make the difference to reach the stars in our industry.

Michael Nater, Director of the powerteam responsible for Joya Schuhe Deutschland

With our operations on Flores Island in Indonesia, we have reached another milestone as we opened Heaven’s door, Restaurant & Bar in December. The iconic architecture of this multi-event location has already echoed across social media in Indonesia. Each day we over 300 pilgrims who flock to catch the breath-taking view of our valley. After 8 years of belief, hard work and the courage to go beyond the easy and possible, our dream of “Manulalu” takes shape day after day. Our Hotel Unit with Manulalu B&B and Manulalu Jungle Resort, ranks first on Tripadvisor and our team is fueled, daily, by a lot of passion to fulfill this promise to our customers.

2018 was quiet on our ecological farming activities front. Our Banana Plantation and our 1’600 Clove Trees are still happily growing and waiting for new plants to join in.

With my Partner "Lucky Jo" at our Banana plantation in Watukapu, Flores

In 2018 I spent more time in Switzerland than previous years. I was physically and emotionally closer to my family, parents, siblings and their families. I have changed my priorities around who I want to spend my time with. As I result, I have decided to move back to Switzerland in 2019 but I certainly need to improve and adjust my routine. Having lived 10 years in Asia has certainly spoiled me with many conveniences that are no longer at my fingertips.

Just before Christmas I sold 40% of my stake in my shoe company to our Family Foundation. This will allow our brands Kybun and Joya to have more synergy and allow all of my family members to benefit from our shared growth.

To summarize 2018: The keywords I set myself were gratitude, passionate living, mindfulness, sincerity and persistence. I wanted to improve my leadership skills and deepen my healthy lifestyle. I achieve these goals and will continue to do so in 2019. Additionally, I would like to add two new targets to the 2019 List:


What do I truly desire? Who am I? It is not the “who do I want to be today,” sort of question. I want to understand the “different” characters and personalities of Karl. I will reflect; observe from different perspective; exchange with people that know me well and grow on insights to answer life’s most important questions: What challenge is mine to solve during my lifetime.

I would like to include reflection on past events from birth till today. Where do I have blacked out memories; conversations, memories or events that are not fully reworked and digested. I want to get to know my fears and face them. Additionally, I want to further optimize my Life by reflecting on my distractions. Who/what are they, that disturb me from doing my daily tasks. What are the “Super-Candies” that hinder my absolute focus, slow me down or even, make me take extra laps on the same battlefield over and over again.


My control-over-everything lifestyle has gotten me far, but has withheld me from the most amazing gifts so far. I’m looking forward to letting go of the feeling to be on top of all the situation, being relaxed about circumstances around and inside of me that are out of my own control. Let’s chill and let things go with the flow😉

This is how i would like to see me more often: to take my mind off 100% from work every now and then, like here during my Year end trip to Mexico

Apart from the “mental goals”, I am happy to continue the path set for 2018:

My physical goals to stay healthy with quality Food & Nutrition, healthy movement & exercise, early bedtime with undisturbed sleep and a peaceful morning routine. One Key learning of my life was to realize the Power of the right morning routine which means for me to wake up around 5 AM, to stretch and set your mind for the upcoming day. I’m confident that this routine sets the difference for a life well lived.

About mindfulness, giving full attention with all my available senses to the person, conversation, thought, task or even observation. I will stop thinking what the curious crowd thinks and focus on the caring few. I will live every moment with spark in my eyes, I will work on every project with my fullhearted passion and challenge the status quo.

In 2018, I have started to live a lifestyle that is focusing on minimalism. For me this meant that I gave away most of my belongings from my watch collection to clothing to furniture, etc. I feel free, living in an “empty” space, not having the urge and need to purchase and own more. Let’s see where this will lead me in 2019.

Above all, I want 2019 to be about fulfilling relationships. I’m looking forward to invest in a handful of people that either matter the most or relationships that are valuable to connect/reconnect and invest in.

If I look back by 31.12.2019, I would like to check off those keywords and goals with a comfortable mind:

  1. - Gratitude in every moment, be humble

  2. - Clarity from reflection, Mindful & Sincere

  3. - Fulfilling relationships

  4. - Leadership & Stewardship

  5. - Persistence & Continuity in work and development

Photocredit: Michael Huwiler, Karl III / Karl IV speaking at the Entrepreneurs Day in Olma

2018 was the beginning of the cooperation with my father, the start of the cooperation between Kybun and Joya. For that we are grateful, that this could have happend.

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