Corona I - Our Learning

There is a moment in each great story where the hero fights a battle against himself, challenges the self doubts and greatest fears!

Due to the extensive “Lockdown”, our company Joya is faced with the temporary closure of over a 1’000 Sales Points and 7 of our own Flagship stores.

We suffer from various cancellations of orders and requests of partners who are unable to pay us. Meanwhile, most of our teams in Europe and North America have started working from home.

COVID-19 has developed into a global pandemic. Our goal is to keep the Joya community safe and healthy – while keeping the brand alive and stay alive during this unknown emergency.

It is in difficult times like these, that the things we value most, take on even more significance. Health, community and being able to move freely and explore. Difficult times also spark human ingenuity and innovation. Despite all the challenges that this pandemic brings, it is also causing us to re-evaluate what truly matters. Let’s make the safety and health of our families and our communities the first priority.

We are confident, we will come back stronger! This is the moment we fight the “Big-Boss”. Now we face ourselves, our strongest enemy – this is the time where we take wise decisions as an entrepreneur, as a human being, supported by our community and our team - to navigate the boat through the storm!

Whatever good we build; they end up building us. This is our hero moment!

PS: In the next thirty, forty, fifty years - we will face more frequently scenarios like this. They come unpredictable, the will catch us on the wrong foot. My important lesson i learn today is to be rational enough to take clear decisons, to be financially independant to sit out such droughts and to have always an optimistic point of view.

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