Corona III - Keeping communication real & honest

Dear Friends,

The last months were of historic significance to all of us!

The virus thought it can silence us as entrepreneurs, as a brand; steal our hopes and dreams. But it failed! And then, out of the silence came thousands of voices!

Creativity, Courage and Cohesion was born. We are still the same, Claudio and Karl. Our ambitions are the same, our hopes are the same. Our dreams are the same.

There is a light of the end of the tunnel, a silver lining around each cloud! Gradually, various governments are loosening the restrictions on the economy and we can expect to relaunch our retail business.

As you know, our teams have been working diligently, preparing to create further potential and momentum starting from the moment of the re-launch!

We feel humbled and thankful for the opportunity that this crisis has given us, to grow and light the path as we carry the torch. Let us share you our highlights of the past days:

Our #Together Campaign that continues until the 30th of April, that let’s our retailer partners benefit from our B2C Online sales, exceeded our expectations. With 100 retailers participating and industry magazines praising our cooperation, it was an important message that Joya has set towards retail.

We prepared the #relaunch-healthy campaign, for once the stores open. We want to provide a marketing package for our retailers that consists of N95 Masks, a Joya branded hygiene instructions poster, PR Articles of the try@HOME campaign and various advertisement templates to generate immediate sales.

Joya made international News, as a Norwegian medical team equipped with Joya Shoes was sent to support the Italian city of Bergamo. Those 80+ specialists choose and purchased our products because they entrusted Joya to support them during their hard work.

In the USA, we donated over 400 Products to the charity organization of Soles4souls. We are finding ways of how we can extend our cooperation and increase our social impact!

When we are blessed, we should not raise our standard of living but our standard of giving!

We are very blessed, all our employees are healthy and save, our production partners and suppliers are only affected marginally, our digital mindset has saved us from worse and our positive attitude to see this crisis as our chance has propelled us forward!

Nevertheless, our situation is tight as we are fulfilling all our financial responsibility to employees and partners. On the other hand, we are thankful to have unplanned orders like a large quantity sandal delivery to Abu Dhabi/Dubai.

Our special shout-out goes to all those have no voice! Those who are hopeless, depressed and fearful:

Do remember one thing – Corona has affected everyone’s life.

Most human suffering comes from the resistance to the circumstances that surround us, from the friction between human beings and the laws of nature.

Have hope and endurance, humanity will bounce back faster, stronger and wiser!

Corona will not silence us – Let’s use this opportunity for a social change!

We are thankful for our opportunity to communicate to you. I hope that we can carry beautiful memories from this journey and use this experience that we gather these days in order to create something more beautiful in the future.

With blissful regards,

Karl & Claudio

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