Corona IV - the courage to disrupt

Dear Friends,

Life is gradually returning to the new normal. I openly admit, I still struggle to classify the events of the last three months. I feel capsuled in a daydream. While this may seem like an idle waste of time, I am convinced that daydreams are useful, they help us to explore ideas, envision situations and get a better sense of our future selves – all of which contributes to our success.

As this chapter ends, let us recollect the memories and evaluate our lessons at Joya:

  • COVID inspired us to reinvent the traditional way we introduced collections and shared product information to our retailers. Therefore, we will host an international Collection Preview on our YouTube Live Stream for Distribution Partner and Retailers.

  • COVID inspired us to rethink our cause, “what does our company do better than all other companies in the world”, while it tested the strength of our fundament.

  • COVID inspired us to reevaluate the reliance of partnerships, our “strategic compass” and our philosophy of “value creation”.

  • COVID inspired us to reinvent our business model in various sectors of our company. It motivated us to challenge the status quo and try to do things others believed impossible.

  • COVID refreshed the dynamic of our teamwork. We achieved additional confidence as we learned vital new skills and expertise.

COVID gave us the courage to disrupt our business strategy while continuing our path and staying true to ourselves!

Joya News – Let me fly over the operational side at Speed of light:

  1. Our Offices, Roggwil, Konstanz, Busan and Los Angeles are filled with Life and Joy again.

  2. Most of our stores have reopened again, enquires and sales are rebounding faster than our CFO expected. We hear from our partners that the Joya products are outperforming other brands. Last week we opened a new Kybun Joya store in Köln.

  3. All our factories and suppliers were managed very well during the crisis. We are proud to deliver our autumn winter 2020 collection without any delay.

  4. Our Spring Summer 2021 Collection with some amazing new styles was received well by the critics and the samples are about to be shipped to the showrooms. For the first time, we organize two photo/video-shootings in different countries.

  5. Another premier is our digital partner meeting in June with the interactive Live Stream! All the Joya retail partners will be able to join in as we unveil our innovation. This will allow us to offer a solid alternative as we will not be attending industry fairs coming season.

Karl & Claudio testing the Live Stream on YouTube

Is everything back to normal?

We suffer from missing sales turnover of almost 10 weeks where 2’500 retail partners were closed. We will not make up for it this year, but this does not matter now! It hurts us more to see that our retail partners are struggling and questioning their existence.

When considering all things; I would not want to miss this rich experience gained, despite everything. Our Corona chance, as I titled it from the early days was a valuable lesson!

What do I wish to happen NEXT:

I wish, we can reopen our two flagship stores in Rome and Barcelona soon. I look forward for social interactions with our partners, walk the factory floors and spend time with our team. What I am certain of, we have the best people – those i love and like to spend the next 10 years working with every day while we build the leading footwear brand that provides the true solution against backpain!

It always seems impossible until it is done! All of us have this superpower that we call hope and believe, Tab into! Use the experience of this journey & create something more beautiful.

Karl & Claudio

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