Chile, Medellin & Cali - Inspiration Trip

Once to twice a year i take a inspirational trip with each of my business partner. Our goal is to develop on our personal relationship, reshape our vision and to have good times. Those kinds of trips, away from the daily business have worked miracles to me and my company and i would certainly recommend it to anyone who is in the same situation.

Lucky Jo and me having a morning coffee at a previous trip.

My business partner Lucky Jo or "Yoseph Maria Yohanes Servasius Bhia Sekke Wea", thats how his full name is spelled have been working for almost 9 Years together.

From the very day we met, he confessed me to be a big fan of the drug cartel stories from the 80's. Therefore we agreed to visit Medellin in Colombia on day, the hometown of the late drug baron Pablo Escobar. After all those years, it is hard to believe that this moment in Life has finally arrived!

Since month i have been excited for this grand tour and have prepared a once in a life time journey that i would like to share with you:

Sunday 1st December

Flight Santiago de Chile – Calama

Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama by Car

Monday 2nd December

Discover the Village of San Pedro

Visit Valle de la Luna / Geisir del Tatio

19:00 Meet Martin, our swiss tour guide

Tuesday 3rd December

05:30 Pick-Up for Ballon Flight over the Valley

8KM Desert Trekking - Cordillera de la sal

Salt mountains in Atacama desert as Cordillera de la Sal was formed millions of years ago

Wednesday 4th December

Drive to ALTIPLANO (280 KM)

Visit Salt lakes and the Salvator Dali Landscape

Climb to 4’400 M above sea level

Thursday 5th December

Drive to Salar de Atacama:

  1. Inca Ruins

  2. Miscanti-Miniques

  3. Salar Aguas Calientes

Friday 6th December

Flight Calama – Santiago de Chile

Discover Santiago de Chile, Bellavista Area

Saturday 7th December

Daytrip to to Cajon del Maipo or El Morado Glacier

Sunday 8th December

Flight Santiago – Bogota - Medellin

Discover Medellin Art district

Monday 9th December

Pablo Escobar Special Tour

Tuesday 10th December

Daytrip to Guatape

Visit Coffee Plantation in Medellin

Wednesday 11th December

A Lazy day in Medellin

Early to bed, as we need to wake up around 3:30 AM)

Twenty-five years ago, Time magazine Medellin “the most dangerous city on earth”, today it transformed into a safe, hip and inspiring town.

Thursday 12th December

Flight Medellin – Cali

11:00 Street Food Tour through Cali

Friday 13th December

Visit the Plantation of Daniela (Coffee, Advocado, Banana's)

She will pick us up and bring us back

Nights out in Cali, the home of Salsa

Saturday 14th December

Discover Cali II – Last Day of our Inspiration Tour

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