Let me introduce myself. My name is Karl Müller, born 1985 in Seoul, South Korea to a korean mother and a swiss father. At the age of five, our family of 4 children moved to Roggwil a small village in eastern Switzerland, the very place I live today. My Friends and Family will describe me with contrasting faces.


Myself, I would describe myself as being unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things and happy in small ways. I am a quirky entrepreneur in all ways and have an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

My creation that has the most public awareness is the health footwear company “Joya”, which I founded in 2008 and still l lead today with my Co-Founder, Claudio Minder.


After taking an inspirational break from Joya in 2011, I discovered an Island in Indonesia that I fell in love with. Together with my new found buddy and business partner “Lucky Jo” we created an ecological community; Manulalu on Flores Island.


The motivation for all my adventures are to expand the boundaries of how our next generation will feel the world.


With my Photography i want to tell the story that i fail to put into words, as i realized that I struggle to formulate and communicate what I feel.

  • Dreamer of many unrealized ideas and failed ideas

  • Founder of Sirowi Holding

  • Inventor of Joya Schuhe AG

  • Co-Founder of Manulalu

  • Visionary of the Rainbow Harvest Ideology

  • Board Member in various companies & foundations

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